Mag. Markus Lener Real Estate Appraisal specialises in the independent and expert valuation of property and assists you in your property decisions. Depending on requirements, I can draw on a network of experts from the real estate industry. The valuation is carried out using national and international valuation standards for the purposes of buying and selling as well as financing and accounting.

The following services are rendered as part of a real estate appraisal, depending on requirements and the type of property. In the process, the focus is on tailor-made approaches to solutions for our customers.

  • Gathering all relevant data related to real estate
  • Gathering market data (in particular: rent and interest rate level)
  • Creating photo documentation
  • Site assessment
  • Estimating the odds and risks of the property
  • Valuation of laws and encumbrances
  • Transparent and comprehensible presentation of the results of the valuation (assessment)

Our range of services includes the following types of property:

  • Undeveloped plots of land
  • Residential buildings (detached and semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, rented homes)
  • Office buildings